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This help service and home care provide a pleasant and safe living environment. There are conviviality and well being …. MORE >


Training Center

The burnout syndrome is a set of consecutive reactions to chronic work stress situations where the size of the undertaking is dominant …. MORE >


Adapted Physical Activities

Sport in search of autonomy, well-being, fulfillment, development of its capacities requires a better understanding of his body ….. More >

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Ageing well, what is it? Stated in the World Health Organization : it is the process which aims to optimize the chances of a good physical, social and mental health and to allow elderly people to take an active part in society, without discrimination, and to enjoy an independent life and good quality.

During the life, our body through two main periods of transformations related to the natural process of aging. The first one occurs in teen ages, while the second one begins around the age of 40 years old and gradually continues until death.

The Aging affects and alters most of the muscles and organs of the body systems. There are many ways to relieve painful or embarrassing symptoms that diminish our quality of life or the life of the members of our family

This site brings you specific answers about:

  • Assistance and retention at home
  • Adapted physical activity
  • Training

ELOWINY a website to meet the well aging needs daily and at any age.

In order to always do better, was born Elowiny help service and home maintenance. Our company is the result of 15 years of experience in the health field.

Christel Mabari tells how he got the idea: I ve noticed during my various professional experiences in the health sector that some patients could be placed in accommodation establishment only because their motor skills were slightly degraded, so that intellectual pathology was detected. This decision follows one or more falls of the elderly at home. Concerned and worried by this family, makes the ultimate decision to place their loved one in residential structure. Unfortunately, in most cases, c is against heart that it incorporates an accommodation establishment. More >


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